Don’t be surprised if you hear that “Residence” does mix business with pleasure.

Thanks to selected properties, attractive locations, maximized legal protection and first-class professionals, we can boast about our satisfied clients.


What about understanding your particular needs and diversity: accompanied by such a great demand for security and trust?

That is what we are offering to you – free of charge and guaranteed.

Some things simply don’t have a price tag. However, they can be earned. One of the ways to earn your trust is by making you feel like our only client in a sea full of clients and a satisfied client who has the right to a creative selection. We have made our selection a long time ago; to be devoted in our work and to be the best in the business.


“Residence” deals in rental and sales of properties, investments and consulting, we also provide assistance in all segments of the day to day lives of our clients – before, during and after they move in.

But that’s not the end of it.

Essentially, there are two spectrums. On the one end, we have the property owners, and on the other end, we have the tenants or investors /buyers. On the one side, we have those selling, and on the other side, we have those who are purchasing. Bringing these two sides together successfully is our task…

…in one happy end.

What sets „Residence“ apart from the rest is superior personal contacts, comprehension of individual needs and above all – orientation towards the client as someone who has desires, plans and dreams.

You will only see our brokers without a smile when they are dealing with the legal issues of selling and renting. High expertise in this field means that everyone, meaning property owners, tenants, buyers and sellers are spared of aggravating paper work.

We are brokers, aides, and guides to all contracting parties equally. For us, the client is more than just a number and a name in notebook. That’s why we are allowing ourselves to make the following candid statement:

We do want you to be happy when you are entering your exquisite living quarters. However, we also want you to be a little sad when you eventually have to leave.
That will confirm how good of a job we actually accomplished.