You invest in valuable projects; we invest in valuable information

Moreover, we are ready to share them with you.
If you want to invest in construction, purchase an existing facility or a vacant lot, we’ll help by advising and providing precious information about the current conditions on the market and endless investment opportunities.
Count on us for advice, count on us as a reliable partner, and then count your acquisition.
You can’t get better investment advice than that.

Renovation & Restauration

Something always comes up, doesn’t it?

You would like to renovate your house, condo or office space? You want to touch up or completely change the place you are planning to rent.
Our advice is the following:
This endeavor should not be taken lightly. Engage in it alone at your own risk (take no offence in this statement) you might very well need a makeover yourself once the whole renovation is over.
„Residence“is proficient in providing you with consultative and logistic support, as well as conducting a thorough assessment of the necessary works, and we will also provide validated construction workers, designers, architects, suppliers, carpenters, etc… Moreover, we will take care of anything that might come up unexpectedly.
And something always comes up, doesn’t it?

Sometimes a smooth move-in is just the beginning

At ease, you can rely on our support every step of the way. Every day life is a lot more than just residing in a beautiful new place and that’s why we are here to guide and advise you through the whole process of moving in.
Imagine having your own personal assistant, who will help you resolve the everyday issues you are faced with when adjusting to a new environment. Helping you organize your social and cultural life, your children’s education, and so many other unpredictable things that come up when you are relocating. Sometimes, its just not enough to search for answers, sometimes it’s simply hard enough to think of the right questions to ask.
Still, you can always remember to call us. If we are the first ones you call, we’ll know we have done a good job. At this point, the job is slowly ending…
…and beginning to turn into a friendship.

Property management

Undertaking bill payments for your realty, providing you with qualified technicians for repairs around the home, yard, office, minor remodeling, maid and or cleaning services, vehicle registration and parking permits, garage rentals and so much more.

Social management

Finding the appropriate school, fitness center, restaurant, cultural event, hotel, health care solution, airline, rent-a-car, insurance, night clubs…we want you to feel comfortable in your new surroundings, just as you do in your„ own shoes“. Hey, we can even help you actually buy a new pair of shoes.
Anyhow, in every new place you need a friend. Remember we’re just a call away.