In any new city, you need a friend

We know how difficult it can be to relocate. The process of adapting to a new environment, changing living accommodations, your daily rhythm, and habits can be extremely stressful. For these reasons, our task is not only to find suitable living quarters for you, but also to fully understand your desires, your worries and your needs. By this standard, alone we have traditionally been able to distinguish ourselves from others in the real estate market.

Still, it could be said that we do not work with real estate. We work with people, people with dreams, and people with plans.

That is why your new living space must be tailored to fit your needs and life style. After all, that is, our job or better yet, it is the choice, which guides us in our devotion to your best interest.

This means maintaining exceptionally good relationships with property owners, as well as constantly expanding our database – which provides a diverse and more creative selection for you.

You might even be surprised how relaxing and easy it is to find new working and living space. Nevertheless, when it comes down to the crucial matters, relaxation never includes improvisation. That is the only situation in which you will not see us smiling; when we are dealing with the legal aspects of renting property. In this field, there is absolutely no room for improvisation and nothing is left to chance.

All other matters will be settled in a pleasurable and supportive atmosphere, with the objective of finding the right home for you.

You want an exceptional realty in a prime location…

  • Express your needs (location, size, how many bedrooms etc…) and we will offer you a property that meets your demands.
  • Forget the nuisances; we do all the negotiations vis-à-vis the lease amount, payment methods, and other contract terms.
  • All technicalities – from address registration with the authorities to legal regulations between tenant and landlord – are solely our responsibility.
  • „Residence“bears all expenses of property hunting.
  • There will be no such thing as a language barrier, as fluent and clear communication in several languages is available.

But this isn’t everything:

We never rush the decision making process. We are at your disposal, as many times as necessary and for however long you need. At some point, you might even notice that hunting for the ideal living or office space turns into pleasant tour around the city.

Everything else is a matter of your creative selection.