What sets „Residence“apart from the rest in property sales?
First, recognition of your individual request, absolute legal security and comprehensive professional assistance, from the idea phase to the actual purchase phase.
With every property purchase, you will receive security, a stress free experience, a deep sense of trust for future ventures and of course friends.
„Residence” approaches each project, not only as an agent, but as a business partner also. Based on our success rate, see for yourself why we have been to more house warming receptions then we can count, and why we have become more than just representatives of „Residence”. We have become true friends.

  • A wide and carefully chosen range of properties at excellent locations is at your disposal, as well as the likelihood of your creative selection.
  • You can count on full LEGAL SUPPORT, and the outmost in security. All properties in our offer have complete and legitimate documentation.
  • With our immense experience and knowledge of the domestic market, you may relay on our practical assessment of current market conditions.
  • We take great care of each individual request. If you are looking to purchase property for a specific intent, we conduct an evaluation at what locations there is a need for the intended facility (daycare, hotel, youth hostel, clinic, supermarket, bank etc) and identify it in accordance with conducted analysis.
  • We take pride in the trust we have earned from our clients and their families, as well as the partner and advisory role we play in all aspects of the buying and selling process.
  • All properties are checked and rated in accordance to the highest standards of the profession. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice.